Realme GT5: 5 Reasons Why it is the Best Mobile Phone


If you are looking for a smartphone that looks sleek, stores information, and offers plenty of storage space, Realme Smartphone would be the right choice for you. The Realme smartphone runs on the Android operating system and does not have the elegant appearance of other smartphones. The realme smartphone looks more like a gaming unit rather than a smartphone. This phone comes with many exciting features which make it different from other mobiles. The Realme smartphone has several unique features and the following highlights its features.

Price. The realme of 5g is priced at 37,500 for the basic variant and 41,000 for the pro variant having 8GB memory and 128GB internal memory. The high-end version having 16GB memory and an augmented sensory screen having capacitive smart sensing display is priced at 47,500.

Hardware. The Realme smartphone has a classy design having the same look and feel of the iPhone or Android smartphones. It has a beautiful curved screen with a smooth back glass and the sides are slightly raised above the camera and speaker grilles. This unique design of Realme GT5 gives it a futuristic look and feel.

Productivity. The Realme GT5 smartphone has an advanced dual camera which comes with an additional chargeable battery. This gives added protection to the battery and gives you an extra boost in terms of multimedia performance and picture taking. You can also connect up to four devices including your laptop or tablet using the USB cable and still enjoy brilliant audio quality. realme gt 5g

User Interface and App usability. The Realme GT5 smartphone from Sony Ericsson is very easy to use. The on screen menu can be adjusted according to your need and the widgets, such as the weather, are beautifully designed and add a stylish touch to the real smartphone. The Realme smart phone also comes with a great set of widgets and controls along with a high quality music player and a media player, which enable you to enjoy your music and videos wirelessly wherever you go. The battery has a quick charge capacity of juicing you up to full power in just over two hours and this can be expanded as per your requirements.

Portability and usability. The Realme GT5 looks good and fits comfortably into your pocket. It also has a slim design with a high definition camera module, a memory card slot for extra storage, micro SD card, a headphone jack and so forth. This smartphone comes with a unique feature of the shutter button being double clicked, thereby switching the camera to the macro mode. This makes it possible to take clear images with a high resolution and an extraordinary photo quality.

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